Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: Lovesessed by Pamela Diane King

A fun middle-grade novel. Phoebe, an ordinary 14-year-old American girl is hopelessly in love with Chase, a famous teen idol. When he fails to notice her at his concert, Liz, her best friend, and a budding chemist, plays Cupid by concocting a love potion. What could be sweeter than a love potion on Valentines Day? But when Phoebe gets more than she wished for, is it what she really wants? From Goodreads

This book at the beginning was great. I could relate to it and it made me laugh because it reminded me of some of my friends who are obsessed with boy bands.
Then , it got really annoying. Due to fact of her and Chase being 'soul mates' she seriously dismisses most of the people who care about her in her life. Like, she once forgot her other best friend, Ben's birthday.

Ben was such a great character. You knew from the start that he was devoted to her... not in a creepy way. Phoebe is kinda creepy. I mean she had a poster of Chase beside her so it would feel like he was beside when she was sleepy. Really? This takes obsession to a whole new level... 

Then her friend Liz, who's more academic and when she has a crush on someone she isn't.... obsessed, uses Chemistry to make a love potion and they put it into chocolates. Sent as fan mail to Chase and he eats them- everything goes crazy.
I thought this book was an alright quick read and.... yeah....

*You can get it free from Amazon. (it's an ebook by the way!)

Rating 2.5/5