Friday, 24 May 2013

Review: Level 2

Felicia Ward is dead and she's is trapped in Level 2. That is a place between Earth (Level 1) and heaven (Level 3) so it's basically limbo... I think...
She spends endless days just replaying memories of her life on Earth including memories about her boyfriend Neil, the guy who broke her heart, Julian, her family and friends.
Then she finds herself confused. Her friend Beckah is gone. There really is no place to go as there are no doors or windows. Felicia hacks into the database and there is no trace of Beckah at all. Other girls don't seem to remember who Beckah is.
Shortly after a few pages, Julian breaks in to her room that she shares with different girls. There is no boys there at all as they are probably in a different area on Level 2.
Julian gets Felicia out and she learns there is a rebellion rising in Level 2 against the Morati (Fallen Angels) who controls the level and they are basically corrupted.
Felicia is really annoying at times. She is so stubborn and thinks she always knows best this leads to her allies...(well the rebels) and her to get nearly caught by the Morati.
Julian was a more complex character. You don't know if you should like him or dislike him. Howbeit, I'm sure that I would pick him... I think... but I get where Felicia is coming from. He did do things that made him look like a bad guy but I think he genuinely loved her. She was so blinded by her 'love' for Neil, she never has time to consider Julian. As you can guess I'm Team Julian. Woooo!!!
We don't see much of Neil- only in her memories and at the end of the book. He is a very religious boy and just a good boy. Very plain.....
I think the concept of angels set in the future is a fantastic idea and the world they live in is very different from other books but, I was disappointed with the book after I was finished. It was like the ending was crammed into a few pages. It went too fast.
Finally, this book was okay, nothing special. I think it could've been better.