Saturday, 25 May 2013

Review: The Longest Holiday

Laura has been married to the man of her dreams for seven months but then finds out that a week before the wedding, Matthew made a terrible mistake on his stag do.

Laura escapes with her 2 friends to Florida's Key West and over there is full of cocktails and fun and they are surrounded by very good looking men but, Laura is not feeling it and who can blame her?

Meanwhile, her husband tries to apologizes to her but that doesn't work out.

Laura meets Cuban scuba diver, Leo and he is a mysterious guy- Laura instantly feels chemistry between them.

When the end of the holiday approaches, Laura doesn't want to go home.

I thought that Matthew was an asshole (excuse me for the language.) I mean he was still in a relationship with Laura and he just liked the 'attention' and that led to him down the road to being a father but he did really love Laura and he committed one mistake and that ruined everything.

Since Laura is the main character, you obviously have to like her and if you have read Chasing Daisy then you would know that her first boyfriend was Will and that Will dumped her for another girl a few weeks or days before his death. Her love life is sad. I thought that Leo was kind of compatible with her and that he made happy again. The result of Matthew's mistake can never be forgotten and the presence of the mistake can hurt Laura too much.

I thought this book was exciting and you can't help but empathize with each character. Great romance story. Always a Paige Toon fan and loved how every book she writes, link with each together some how.

Book Rating: 4/5