Thursday, 23 May 2013

Review: Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Sadie has been infatuated with her best friend, Garret since she was 14 and for 2 years he still doesn't really notice her, in a girlfriend material way. I mean, at the beginning, I thought that this book was a typical girl likes her boy best friend thing and I kind of felt sorry for her. She spent two years just getting front row seats to see his new relationships with girls while she was pining over him.


Well, these two best friends love books and literature. They both enter this camp thing that helps you develop and hone your writing skills. Unfortunately, Sadie didn't get in but Garrett did. She is obviously bummed that she can't spend time with him during the summer. So, she hopes that him going away will make him realise that he needed her in his life and blah blah blah. I mean from this point, I knew that she had false hope.
Then few days later on, she obsessed with checking her mail and messages to see if Garrett contacted her and gets a job in this café. Also, the catalyst that made her take action (is that how you use the word catalyst?)- Garrett called her to announce that he met this girl called Rhiannon. Apparently, she's just like Sadie and he's in love! Sadie is heartbroken and she embarks on a plan to get over him.
During the time of her detox, you learn so much more about her. I kind of got annoyed with her. She changed so much of her life to make Garrett like her. He was just like an addiction to her- it was very sorry to see.
Also, there are other characters like Carlos, who's the owner of the café. The waitresses who help Sadie to actually stick with the plan: LuAnn, Aiko and Dominique. The best friend, Kayla. Josh the chef.
In the book, there small things that happen to the minor characters but I feel they are just there... kinda... LuAnn and Aiko and Kayla got more involved in the plan. Dominique and Carlos share something that will kind of surprise the reader and you get to know Josh much better towards the end.
I thought this book was cute and it does relate to every girl or boy. The content in this book wasn't exaggerated and it has a realistic storyline and ending.
3.5 out 5.
If you want a fun, cute book to read then Read it!