Saturday, 25 May 2013

Review: Just One Day- Gayle Forman

From the blurb---------

A whirlwind day in Paris...
A chance at true love...
Heart break is waiting just around the corner.

This story starts when Allyson is in Stratford-upon-Avon which is in England and is the birthplace of Shakespeare. She is a sheltered girl who doesn't get involved in drinking or breaking the rules. She is about to go to college or uni but, after graduation her parents send her off to tour Europe. She then meets Willem, a Dutch guy who helps her expand her horizons. She ditches staying in London for a few days to go to Paris with Willem and they explore.

Even though you can sense their chemistry between them from the start they lose each other. I can't say much as it'll spoil the book for you but, just after when they have a night of passion, Willem goes missing and Allyson is heartbroken and is a mess when she enters college. She plans to do medical school but she gets mostly low grades so, with the help with her counselor, she is in classes that connect to her.

A year after, she goes back to Paris to try to find Willem.

I found this story so beautiful and poignant. Just like the blurb says "story of love, loos and learning to live again." There is a major cliffhanger and I absolutely hate it. So many questions!!!

Anyways, Just One Year is coming out in October I think..... Well, it's coming out soon. So excited and I really recommend this book if you want a love story that has a hint of sadness. (Not a hint but not a lot as well) Here's the cover of the sequel. So beautiful... (wipes a tear)

Book Rating: 4.5/5