Thursday, 27 June 2013

Book Review: Holding Your Breath by Caroline Green

Thanks to Readgig for providing this book to me!

Tara has the power to find missing things and people, but it’s only been a source of trouble for her so far and she’s relieved when her family move house so she can make a fresh start and try to forget about the odd images in her head.

Making friends at her new school hasn’t been easy, especially with mean girls like Melodie Stone running the show. Then Melodie disappears. Tara’s not too sorry, but she starts to see strange images of a captive girl who she gradually realises must be Melodie. Tara tries but fails to ignore the pictures in her head and finally goes in search of Melodie, with the help of Melodie’s attractive half-brother. She finds herself trapped with her former enemy, and Tara and Melodie must work together to get free, with the help of Tara’s gift.

This is the first time I've ever read a book from Caroline Green and this made a good impression on me so, I'm looking forward to read other books from her. Hold Your Breath contained mystery, suspense, supernatural powers and also romance. I thought it was a great read but, the only problem was that it was a bit too short. However, I understand that if the author did make it longer, it would've gone downhill and boring.

I really liked Tara. You instantly connect with her and sympathize with her. She has gone through so much pain and when she moves to a new place, strangers who don't know her-judge her. She stays out of the 'mean girls' way to avoid getting picked on; she is still a person who doesn't have any friends apart from her family. Even though, she has this a gift or power that doesn't really happen in reality- she still experiences real life problems.

Melody is the usual popular, mean, rich princess. She has her own posse who follow her around and do whatever she tells them to... so basically, I felt like they were worshipping her which is kind of stupid because why would you degrade yourself like that? Anyways, she goes missing but everyone thinks she gone to Brighton and her posse cries and weep. Tara has this feeling that things do not appear as they seem but, she doesn't totally trust it due to previous experiences.

Leo who is Melody's brother is the hot guy who works as a lifeguard and connects with Tara. He brings relief to the story and I got all fluttery inside by reading about him and Tara. It was so cute!

There is a massive twist and that shocked me since, it was so twisted... and why would anyone want to it! Things got out of hand and people got hurt.

Overall, I thought that the book was very gripping and it projected the emotions well.

Ratings: 3/5