Monday, 22 July 2013

Book Review: Parallel by Lauren Miller

"Two worlds. Two separate identities. Two guys.

A collision of parallel universes leaves 18-year-old Abby Barnes living a new reality - every time her parallel makes a new decision. Never-without-a-plan Abby is forced to cope with the consequences of waking up in a life she has no memory of creating.

With chapters that alternate between our world (Here) and the parallel one (There), Abby's Here comes complete with a Yale address, a new roomie, and birthday blind date with a super-hot lacrosse player. In the parallel world, Abby's still navigating senior year class schedules, college applications, and her relationship with Astronomy Boy at her high school.

This story explores the nature of identity, the role of cause and effect in young lives and the defining power of choice"

Let's start off with the cover.
Since I live in the UK, I have a completely different cover to the US (and maybe Canada.... I dunno...)

                                                 UK Cover                                   US Cover

And to be honest, I love the US cover so much more. It's eerily beautiful and fits the fantasy genre. Whereas, the UK one..... well..... what can I say about it? I really don't like it. I didn't understand why the cracked glass was there as I don't understand how it fits anywhere in the story and even though the colour of the title is suppose to stand out, it's too much!! The pink is just there and is even emphasised with the black outline. No!
I basically think they could've worked more on the UK Cover.... just saying....

Anyways, I thought the whole plot of this book was intriguing so it encouraged me to pick it up and borrow it from my library. (See! I don't judge a book by its cover!) At first, it was going great until the moment she's 'living in a new reality.' Then it just spiralled from there. I was perplexed throughout the whole thing. I got confused which one was the 'our world' and 'parallel world.' So basically, I just pretended I understood it and read it to the very end!

Apart from me being confused for the whole book until the near end when, I nearly pieced together the whole concept of the parallel world and our world. The book was really good!

Abby always had a plan for her life and she pretty much has a very good best friend who always sticks by her. I pretty much applaud Abby. If I was her, I would be freaking out!

There are two/three potential boyfriends for Abby... I'm definite on 2.... I don't know about the 3rd one. Read it and you might understand what I'm going through at the moment. This is like the first time I'm literally feeling mind-boggled over a fiction book.... EVER. I'm confused over how many worlds there is. First Abby is in another life. Then to the end of the book, she switches between two different WTF.... I'm so bloody confused....I'm sorry. This is stressful. I'm gonna read another book that is going to make me all fuzzy and not baffled.

So yeah, I kinda do want you to read this book as it is intriguing and I want to see if anyone else is in the same situation that I'm in. I really don't know what to rate this book but lemme see.......