Sunday, 21 April 2013

REVIEW: Undone By Cat Clarke

Well, this is a review about a book that I'm reading. It's called Undone by Cat Clarke.

I'm in the middle of the whole thing and I will probably edit it after I finished but this book so far is AMAZING!!!

It got me bawling from the first page I read! (mainly because I read the last page first) =)

Well this about a girl called Jem and she likes the 'boy next door' and 'best friend' but unfortunately..... he's gay. Yep, from that sentence from the blurb, I knew this story won't be all happy with flowers, lollipops, rainbows and...... stuff.

Then it goes on when someone- Someone outs him online and random people and strangers start to be.... Am I even aloud to say words that aren't appropriate to little kids??? Well, you know what I mean.

And due to that... well... i think due to that, Kai ( Jem's best friend, crush) commits suicide.

And now my rant about homophobic people commences-

I'm just gonna talk about my opinions. Not yours. So, don't get rude and stuff like that. My beliefs are that people who are 'gay' or 'lesbian'... they are just like us. They have a mind, a body and a heart. They also have something called FEELINGS. Yes. We have them too.

I mean come on. Why do we have to make comments like that? it's just Erghhh!
Plus: People who say they choose to be gay or lesbian then in my opinion, you're wrong. Some people who are gay get bullied. Are they choosing to be bullied? I don't think so.

Just be proud of who you are. Work hard and one day you will have your revenge on the people who looked down on you. Revenge = Your Success

I'll finish my review later on. Sorry about the rant. For some reason, I feel really passionate about it and I don't personally know anybody who is gay. I mean, I would love a gay best friend! Anyways, I'll see you soon.

Here's the Undone Book Trailer from Quercus:

Enjoy =)



Well, I'm not very bothered to write a whole load of stuff but let me just tell you that I cried a lot.

I mean is it pathetic to cry over a book??

Possibly. The ending was not ' and they lived happily ever after'

Why Cat Clarke?
Why can't you just do things normally?
Make it predictable.

Well, I can't really tell you guys the ending cos, some people will get upset but yeah..... read it....
It's really good and you should always have a box of tissues with you when reading it.

Well... Hope you have a good day/ night! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

TATA!!! ♥